5 Trendy Highlights For Black Hair You Must Try

Who says blondes have more fun? Brunettes are as equally fun, if not more. There’s a myriad of possibilities when it comes to styling black hair. A popular approach is applying highlights for black hair to stand out. It enables the hair to stand out while giving the coif a bit of a pizzazz. This hairstyle trend is popular among the ladies, but there are guys who like getting highlights in their hair too.

Here are 5 trendy and popular highlights for black hair styles that you must try:

1.       Hues of Brown

highlights for black hair

Brown highlights are the go-to classic look for ladies looking to put some color on their hair. There are many hues of brown to choose from: chestnut, beech brown, ashen brown, caramel and many more. Of course, these hues go well with the type of skin tone you have. So you have to choose wisely. Make sure to ask a beautician which hues of brown goes well with your skin tone if you are unsure. Brown is a neutral color, so it works well with almost anyone. For those using highlights for black hair the first time, a brown hue is a great choice.

2.       Plum and Burgundy

highlights for black hair

Reddish colors like plum and burgundy are edgier and trendier. That being said, they look best for ladies with fair complexion. However, there are some tanned individuals who can still get away ad rock it with red hued highlights. The color red or burgundy in the hair gives great contrast and can even enhance whatever makeup you have on.

3.       Bright Punk Colors

highlights for black hair

For the adventurous sort, bright neon colored highlights scream punk. This trend is popular with the rock and rollers and the artsy types. A pink, green, purple or blue highlight is a fashion statement best suited for the creative risk taker. A caveat: Only get bright colored highlights if your job or school allows it. Many institutions are still very conservative and rocking orange highlights just does not equate corporate conservatism.

4.       Blonde

highlights for black hair

Blonde is another classic color but needs a lot of careful consideration. A bright golden color does not generally go well with darker skin tones. So if your skin tone is on the darker end of the spectrum, going for platinum blonde highlights will give you a radical look rather than a classy appeal. But with the perfect hue that matches skin color, a blonde highlight can enhance your overall sex appeal.

5.       Ombre

highlights for black hair

Ombre is a new hair coloring technique where two colors are combined in a dark-to-light or vice versa pattern. The Ombre technique is gaining popularity these days and a lot of celebrities are sporting the Ombre highlights these days. It gives an edgier sophistication compared to the single colored highlight. In effect, your hair now has three layers of color: black and the intertwining colors created by the Ombre highlights.

Are you planning on getting highlights in your hair? These highlights for black hair style will surely make you stand out. why not try it no?  

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