Ze frank true facts – How it is done

Ze frank will always be unique. This is true starting off from its very different delivery, down to its goofiness. Basically, Ze Frank gets to dole out a ton of info about octopus. For example, a ton of Ze frank true facts would agree that despite the fact that such octopus’ arm has been injured, it still has the ability to look and search for food. It can still hunt and eat that way. Aside from this, there is another unusual thing that it does. It may fart ink before a person knows it. Their procreation is considered crazy as well.

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While Ze Frank has been dubbed as the floppy spider living in the sea, it should not be underestimated because it has the ability to kill scary and big predators. This may do this in just a throwdown alone. There is no longer a need for them to fart ink in this matter. They their own ways of doing this without involving such. Which is also another way of protecting themselves. This may be one of their traits too. Strongest one to say the least.

More about Ze Frank

It was on the 27th of February, 2012, an announcement was made by Frank. He said he will be making a show and it will be aired almost thrice a week. He called it same, but different all at the same time. It is entitled The Show. Needless to say, it is in parallel with other projects he undertook. However, the new venture of Frank plans to be a collaboration. It is a partnership between him and the ton of audience watching. Kickstarter initiated the funding of the campaign. Imagine, for only eleven days, a pretty reasonable amount of money in $146,752 was raised without a hard time at all. In that timeline, an amount of $146,752 was came about.

On the show’s debut on April 9, 2012, the episode was An Invocation for Beginnings. After merely eight months, another release was made. This one was Body Karaoke. This was on the 30th of November, 2012. This is somehow related to a big collaborative effort. This even included missions and projects. However, the mentioned do not come with any announced plan. That is why it was a hiatus during those moments. There was no official announcement which has been undertaken yet. This was true with the status of the said show. There was still other production on the series which would be done for its resume.

A public participatory show was showcased way back on January 12-13, 2013. This showcased the event held at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. It was given the title Ze Frank Weekend. This featured hands-on workshops and even activities. There were also exhibits which were related to the show itself. This was the result of a collaborative project and even mission. This was developed from April to November on the previous year on the year 2012. There were still other media related commitments he made after this.

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