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Our wedding DJ and entertainment services gives all the sound and lighting devices for your wedding celebration. From premium mic tools to premium sound devices and lighting, we are serious regarding exactly what we do, that is why you will certainly relax and ensured that every individuals will have satisfaction in all the services we conduct. Don’t hesitate to talk to us whenever to learn more regarding our expert wedding event DJ solutions.

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Lyme Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Lyme disease is an illness caused by the bacteria transmitted to humans after being bitten by a blacklegged tick. Left untreated, Lyme disease can have serious health consequences. Knowing the symptoms of Lyme disease is important for all people to know, especially outdoor enthusiasts.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The symptoms of Lyme disease worsen as the infection (bacteria) moves further through a victim’s bloodstream. The initial symptom of Lyme disease is the prevalence of a skin rash. This skin rash, which is characterized by a large red ring around the site of the tick’s bite, is an important early warning sign to receive treatment for Lyme disease. Some patients never experience this rash, and are unaware of infection until secondary symptoms occur (CDC).

By www.optinghealth.com report – The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies additional symptoms of Lyme disease as fever, headache, fatigue as well as persistence of the characteristic rash. A swollen and painful feeling in the joints is also a common symptom of Lyme disease.

As the infection moves further through a patient’s bloodstream untreated, the heart and nervous system will become affected. The bacteria can inflame the heart tissue, which leads to off-beat rhythms and potential heart attack. Flu-like symptoms increase, and joints become painfully swollen.

Left untreated, the bacteria will eventually begin to infect the brain. While it is rare for Lyme disease to go this far without treatment, once in the brain the infection can lead to loss of motor skills and nerve damage.

Treatment of Lyme Disease

The Mayo Clinic identifies two popular types of treatment after Lyme disease is diagnosed: Oral antibiotics and intravenous antibiotics. Bismacine is a Lyme disease treatment prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners, but the U.S. FDA warns patients to avoid using the drug as it may lead to heart and kidney failure due to bismuth poisoning.

Oral antibiotics are the most popular form of treatment for Lyme disease victims. The regime is often two to three weeks long, and is proven to eliminate the bacteria and the symptoms (Mayo Clinic).

Intravenous antibiotics are used in cases where the bacterium has spread quickly, or where the symptoms are especially severe. The intravenous treatment is also a two to three week regime, and is consider a more drastic measure for treating Lyme disease.

Those who are active outdoors whether cleaning the backyard or camping in the woods should always been on the lookout for ticks. Friends and partners are encouraged to check each other for ticks after outings, especially during tick season. Ticks are most prevalent in warmer months, and appear in the northern hemisphere from April to October.

Early detection and awareness of Lyme disease, and ticks in general, can help keep a trip into the great outdoors from becoming a trip to the not-so-great hospital room.

Ouija Board Facts – Haunting Information

Ouija boards are really different. They are not like any other game there is. This is not just what one bumps in at night. The game is also more than just a piece of board use to scare guests during a sleepover or even overnight stay. It is not just that. There are many Ouija board facts that have to be learned by players. Where did the haunted game originate? What is the secret that it reveals about demons, ghosts and even that of inner psyches? All of these and more can be learned – that is for sure.

Playing Ouija Facts

It is obvious that many people believe in the existence ghosts. These spirits are said to be from the dead which is considered to be a real commonplace way back in the 19th century Americana. There is a life expectancy for like 50 to 50 and so on. In the health care, there is an inadequacy on time in the health of these people. Conflicts also arise. This starts from the Civil War that happened that time. This was braved by the Americans during those times. Before, people were still skeptical about these ghosts. However, it changed eventually. There was then a desire to talk to them afterwards.

636193572827133666-677718064_65ab447697f239c9af0e64c10a2f93af.jpg (1024×679)

Spiritualism cannot be ignored in the lives of people. This is for sure. The same is also true with the séances. This is one of the reasons why it is no longer a question why there are high charging mediums which were then being imported. They may come from Europe. This was the case in the year 1840. Avid audiences were then acquired. This was true for all social classes present.

It was the White House which initiated the hosting. This was carried out under that of Mary Todd Lincoln. He still wanted to keep in touch with the young son of President Abraham Lincoln that time. The son died so talking to him was one of the goals. This was the instance when Ouija turned out to be a trend in the White House. It may be very unlikely for some but it really happened.

There is a conflict that involves the Christian creed as far as the topic of ghosts and spirits is concerned. This may have related the fortune tellers, spiritualist movement, and even the spirit boards. These were provided their free past in order for parlay to occur on behalf of the ghosts. This may be observed even for people who know the strictest and most conservative churchgoers there are.

Needless to say, ghosts will always be a big business talked about. A very new and improved economic niched was undercover here. While many would claim it to be full of fraudsters, it turned out to be an opportunity for others to earn money. This was then a chance for clever business people.

Striking while the iron is hot will be the name of the game. Spirit boards have dominated and

Ze frank true facts – How it is done

Ze frank will always be unique. This is true starting off from its very different delivery, down to its goofiness. Basically, Ze Frank gets to dole out a ton of info about octopus. For example, a ton of Ze frank true facts would agree that despite the fact that such octopus’ arm has been injured, it still has the ability to look and search for food. It can still hunt and eat that way. Aside from this, there is another unusual thing that it does. It may fart ink before a person knows it. Their procreation is considered crazy as well.

photo.jpg (900×900)

While Ze Frank has been dubbed as the floppy spider living in the sea, it should not be underestimated because it has the ability to kill scary and big predators. This may do this in just a throwdown alone. There is no longer a need for them to fart ink in this matter. They their own ways of doing this without involving such. Which is also another way of protecting themselves. This may be one of their traits too. Strongest one to say the least.

More about Ze Frank

It was on the 27th of February, 2012, an announcement was made by Frank. He said he will be making a show and it will be aired almost thrice a week. He called it same, but different all at the same time. It is entitled The Show. Needless to say, it is in parallel with other projects he undertook. However, the new venture of Frank plans to be a collaboration. It is a partnership between him and the ton of audience watching. Kickstarter initiated the funding of the campaign. Imagine, for only eleven days, a pretty reasonable amount of money in $146,752 was raised without a hard time at all. In that timeline, an amount of $146,752 was came about.

On the show’s debut on April 9, 2012, the episode was An Invocation for Beginnings. After merely eight months, another release was made. This one was Body Karaoke. This was on the 30th of November, 2012. This is somehow related to a big collaborative effort. This even included missions and projects. However, the mentioned do not come with any announced plan. That is why it was a hiatus during those moments. There was no official announcement which has been undertaken yet. This was true with the status of the said show. There was still other production on the series which would be done for its resume.

A public participatory show was showcased way back on January 12-13, 2013. This showcased the event held at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. It was given the title Ze Frank Weekend. This featured hands-on workshops and even activities. There were also exhibits which were related to the show itself. This was the result of a collaborative project and even mission. This was developed from April to November on the previous year on the year 2012. There were still other media related commitments he made after this.

Beat the Common Cold With Super Immunity Foods & Herbal Remedies

Although colds are a very common health complaint, especially during the cooler months of the year, they can really make one feel down-right rotten. Thankfully, there are many super immunity foods and nutritional and herbal supplements, which can help prevent and treat the common cold.

Beat the Common Cold With Super Immunity Foods

There are many people who claim that a big bowl of chicken soup is just the right tonic for those suffering from the common cold. However, recent research has identified that it is not actually the chicken itself which helps alleviate cold symptoms, but the vegetables that accompany the chicken in soup. In Super Immunity Foods, F. Goulart  highlights some key immunity-boosting foods used in the treatment of colds, to include the following:

  • Onions – encourage release of toxins from the body
  • Garlic – inhibits infectious agents, bacteria and viruses
  • Carrots – improve immunity, high in antioxidants
  • Parsnips – alkalise food helps protect body from infections/viruses
  • Parsley – rich in phytochemicals to fight off colds
  • Berries – help protect against colds, strengthen every immune system in the body
  • Vegetable soup – vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, breathe-easy nutrients, thin mucus

korean-ginseng-dosage.jpg (500×334)

Improve Cold Symptoms – Herbal, Nutritional Supplements

Further ways to help prevent and treat the common cold virus, include taking either herbal or nutritional supplements. In The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements, S. Brewer  identifies supplements to help relieve cold symptoms, as follows:

  • Siberian ginseng – powerful immune stimulant
  • Korean ginseng – helps reduce infections
  • Rhodiola – increases resistance to stress, boosts immune system
  • Astragalus – speeds recovery from respiratory infections
  • Green tea – reduces frequency/severity of colds, helps protect against infection
  • Echinacea – boosts general immunity, increases white blood cells
  • Elderberry extracts – anti-viral compounds, reduce severity/duration of colds/flu
  • Olive leaf extracts – powerful anti-viral
  • Menthol, eucalyptus, cinnamon pine oil – ease nasal congestion

In addition to the above super immunity foods, herbal and nutritional supplements, it is also well worth taking a daily multivitamin and herbal supplement to help reduce the likelihood of suffering from common colds by boosting the immune system. Vitamin C, in particular, is essential to prevent infections and viruses, while vitamin D helps protect the body from respiratory tract infections.

As highlighted above, the common cold may be treated by super immunity foods, such as onions, parsley, garlic, carrots, berries and vegetable soup, while herbal cold-busters include echinacea, ginseng, rhodiola and olive leaf extracts. Taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement is also worthwhile to help prevent catching colds and flu viruses.

Best Wedding Program Templates

wedding program templates

Couples who have decided to take the plunge would want only the best for their wedding.  People continue to dream of weddings that will last a lifetime. They fuss over theme, venue, gowns & suits, guest lists, and yes, even the wedding invitations.  For some budget conscious people, finding the best free wedding invitation templates, provides a way to cut down on costs but not necessarily on quality.

Fortunately with the coming of the personal computer and the internet, there are some options that allow production of professional-looking wedding programs with you doing it yourself.  One advantage of a DIY invitation is the personal touch it allows, especially to those people who prefer a hands-on approach.  Those who do not have the luxury of time, however, may opt to have their cards designed, printed and delivered to them.

For people looking for the best free wedding invitation templates, we have prepared the following list of websites:

Love and Lavender

Visit their website and you will find a lot of printable wedding invitations in different styles. Most choices even come with RSVP cards. Their wedding program templates are downloadable either as a PDF or PNG file. After download, you can customize it with your wedding details. 

Download & Print

This website offers a wide range of free wedding program templates that you can download for free as a Microsoft Word document. their templates make customizing the wedding program easy and fun.

Printable Invitation Kits

 Printable Invitation Kit website has a wide range of possibly the best free wedding program templates available online. Once you have chosen a template, you can download it. Using Adobe Acrobat, you can easily fill in the details of your wedding.

And for those who are not so concerned about cost, here are a few other websites to consider:

1. Maria’s Wedding Boutique at www.weddingboutique.us has a lot of beautiful designs to choose from, and even allows you to choose and order blank invitation cards that you can print yourself.

2. Etsy at www.etsy.com/browse/weddings/paper-goods/ have many beautiful and unusual designs to choose from.  There are options to create your own designs or choose from many almost unique wedding invitation ideas available at the site.  The currency indicated on prices also automatically adjusted to the country / locale of the computer used to make the search.

3. Martha Stewart Weddings at http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/ is a great source of wedding invitation templates that look great, and are available in many themes.

With the above list of wedding program templates, there should be no reason why you cannot find the design that suits your taste, requirements and budget. Just remember that there is no substitute for time; set aside enough time to allow you to properly select the perfect design.  If you’ve made the decision to get married, now is never too early to start looking for the best wedding invitation template.

5 Trendy Highlights For Black Hair You Must Try

Who says blondes have more fun? Brunettes are as equally fun, if not more. There’s a myriad of possibilities when it comes to styling black hair. A popular approach is applying highlights for black hair to stand out. It enables the hair to stand out while giving the coif a bit of a pizzazz. This hairstyle trend is popular among the ladies, but there are guys who like getting highlights in their hair too.

Here are 5 trendy and popular highlights for black hair styles that you must try:

1.       Hues of Brown

highlights for black hair

Brown highlights are the go-to classic look for ladies looking to put some color on their hair. There are many hues of brown to choose from: chestnut, beech brown, ashen brown, caramel and many more. Of course, these hues go well with the type of skin tone you have. So you have to choose wisely. Make sure to ask a beautician which hues of brown goes well with your skin tone if you are unsure. Brown is a neutral color, so it works well with almost anyone. For those using highlights for black hair the first time, a brown hue is a great choice.

2.       Plum and Burgundy

highlights for black hair

Reddish colors like plum and burgundy are edgier and trendier. That being said, they look best for ladies with fair complexion. However, there are some tanned individuals who can still get away ad rock it with red hued highlights. The color red or burgundy in the hair gives great contrast and can even enhance whatever makeup you have on.

3.       Bright Punk Colors

highlights for black hair

For the adventurous sort, bright neon colored highlights scream punk. This trend is popular with the rock and rollers and the artsy types. A pink, green, purple or blue highlight is a fashion statement best suited for the creative risk taker. A caveat: Only get bright colored highlights if your job or school allows it. Many institutions are still very conservative and rocking orange highlights just does not equate corporate conservatism.

4.       Blonde

highlights for black hair

Blonde is another classic color but needs a lot of careful consideration. A bright golden color does not generally go well with darker skin tones. So if your skin tone is on the darker end of the spectrum, going for platinum blonde highlights will give you a radical look rather than a classy appeal. But with the perfect hue that matches skin color, a blonde highlight can enhance your overall sex appeal.

5.       Ombre

highlights for black hair

Ombre is a new hair coloring technique where two colors are combined in a dark-to-light or vice versa pattern. The Ombre technique is gaining popularity these days and a lot of celebrities are sporting the Ombre highlights these days. It gives an edgier sophistication compared to the single colored highlight. In effect, your hair now has three layers of color: black and the intertwining colors created by the Ombre highlights.

Are you planning on getting highlights in your hair? These highlights for black hair style will surely make you stand out. why not try it no?  

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